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Company Policy

  • Keep your mind that next process are our customers.
  • Think what you can do, rather than you explain the reason cannot do it.
  • There is no limit for manufacturing, no limit for improvement.

Company Profile

Head Factory Union Kikou Co., Lld.
Address 2147-4, Noi Misato-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu, 509-7123, Japan TEL: +81-573-28-1711 FAX: +81-573-28-3399 From outside Japan, please contact us by
Nakatsugawa Factory 1597-8, Sendanbayashi, Nakatsugawa-shi, Gifu, Japan
China Factory Company Name: Suzhou Union Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd. Address: No.98 East Dalian Road, Taicang, Jiangsu, P.R.China TEL: +86-512-5395-0218 Start operation on Jan. 2012.
Established February 1978
Capital 50,000,000 yen (FY Jan.31.2013)
Board of Directors
Chaireman Mikio Machida
President Masakazu Mugishima
Adviser Masato Ando
Technical Director Yukio Kayukawa
Employees Male 135, Female 35, Total 170
Main Banks Tono Shinkin Bank. The Gifu Shinkin Bank Ltd. The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd. The Aichi Bank, Ltd. The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. Gifu-Branchi. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Nagoya-ekimae-Branch. The Juroku Bank, Ltd.
Main Customer (no particular order) Omron Corp. Omron Iida Co., Ltd.. Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Aichi Electric Co., Ltd. Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. Tomoe Valve Co., Ltd. IHI Turbo Co., Ltd. Otics Corp. Sakakibara Seiki Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Nissei Corp. Wacoh Corp.  Nagano Seiko Co., Ltd. TOTO. Matsusaka Engineering Co., Ltd. Aichi Elec Co. Aisan Kougyou Co., Ltd. Nisei. Asahikogyosho Co., Ltd. Utsue Seiki Co., Ltd. TOTO.  etc. (as of Jun.30.2017)

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Head Office Head Office Nakatsugawa Factory Nakatsugawa Factory
Machining Factory Machining Factory Die casting Factory Die casting Factory
china factory Suzhou Union Precision Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Start operation on Jan. 2012.


1978 Start of bracket and rotor production for electric fan and ventilator as Mitsubishi Electric Nakatsugawa factory’s designated outsourcing factory and Mitsubishi Electric instruct us technique and philosophical principles.
1979 M&A Union Die-Casting Company to expand in-house production item, frame, bracket, rotor and shaft.
1981 Introduce NC lathe for bracket of small size motor. Start assembling for rotor shaft.
1982 Start of casing for microwave waveguide production as die casting, owing to popularization of satellite TV in U.S.A.
1983 Expand die casting factory and all die casting machine start automated production.
1984 Introduce automated NC lathe first time and micron grinding machine to reinforce grinding process.
1985 Introduce NC lathe.
1987 Introduce automated NC. Accept 3 trainees from China.
1988 Export plant, rotor, bracket to China.Introduce tapping center. Reinforce NC lathe.
1989 Relocate rotor machining line and multi axis machine to subcontract factory in Gero, then start operation.
1990 Expand die casting factory and warehouse. Additional installation of 350ton, 630ton vacuum die casting machine, multi axis machine and hanger type shot blasting machine.
Relocate die casting machine to subcontract factory in Gero, then start operation. Obtain 8 ton truck for warehouse.
1991 Additional installation of tapping center. Export plant to Taiwan for special purpose machine.
1993 Expand and newly build die casting factory and finishing factory. Additional installation of 630 ton die casting machine. Introduce machining machine, 3-D Measuring Machine. Promote one-by-one production at processing line.
1994 Introduce robot transfer system for NC lathe.
1995 Expand business to valve industry. Start valve assembly by continuous process.
1996 Introduce laser beam machine, horizontal type machining center, FMS lathe. Additional installation of transforming equipment. Create a machining division.
1997 Expand machining factory. Relocate office. Move into electric power industry, Start assembly by continuous process. Promote small lot and various model production.
1998 Additional installation of machining machine.
1999 Purchased land for expand Nakatsuigawa factory.
2000 Expand business to automotive industry. Introduce articulated robot for 630 ton die casting machine and 2 unit 125 ton die casting machine with spray robot unit.
2001 Additional installation of 3 unit FMS lathe. Introduce insert robot unit for die casting machine.
2002 Introduce a part of business with China and Korea. Additional installation of machining machine Integrex.
2003 Establish Inter factory that is specialized for assembly. Start valve products assembly as original equipment manufacturing.
2004 “Step forward” Introduce CNC 3-D measuring machine for inspection div. Passed first time for business skills test of die casting and machining. Introduce 5-D machining centers for main factory machining div. Introduce automatic machining machine for automobile parts of power steering and processing parts of economical hot-water supply system. Relocate part of head factory machining div. to newly established Ena factory and built new production line.
2005 “Think about the Next” Kickoff to obtain ISO9001/2000 on July. Kickoff to obtain Eco Action21 on September. Introduce 3-D measuring machine for Machining div. for quality enhancement. Replace 375 ton die casting machine. Start Divisionalized organization.



2006 “Make our Company Good” Receive order and start manufacturing parts for “Toyota LEXUS”. Acquire Eco Action21 on June.(0000791) Acquire ISO9001/2000 on February. (BUREAU VERIT UKAS 187227) Additional installation of horizontal, vertical type machining center for head factory machining div. Begin acceptance of trainees from China.
2007 “Review from the Origin” On May.30, hold a ground-breaking ceremony and begin construction for new factory. Terminate valve products assembly due to transferred to oversea, after then start automatic machining at Inter factory. Feb.23 Exchange signing ceremony with the mayor of Ena-city for “Act on industrial location promotion.” As the first company to exercise “Act on industrial location promotion.” of Ena-city, we decide construct new factory on Misato-cho, Ena-city. 30th anniversary of founding company and start “FIRST GRAND PROJECT 5 year plan”
2008 “Back to Fundamental Principles” Jan.28, Ena new factory completed. May.2, expand new factory, relocate head office. Rationalize die casting MC, New installation of automatic machining line.
2009 “Transform Adversity into Opportunity” (During the year of world wide depression which comes only once or less in 100 years) Acquire ISO9001/2008 on October. (BUREAU VERIT UKAS 678546) Introduce rationalize automatic robot unit for die casting MC/350 ton. Set up “Save Energy Committee” and push forward ecological activities.
2010 “Innovation and Challenge” Implement “Rule for Education and Training” and “Business Skills Development Plan”. Additional installation of automatic line for machining TC.
2011 “Rush to the Target” Establish China factory. at May 10, official registered No.98 East Dalian Road, Taicang, Jiangsu, P.R.China. Suzou Union Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd. Additional installation of automatic 2 line for die casting 375 ton. Expand business to industry of machine, construction machine and industrial machinery and introduce equipment substantially. 6 unit of #40MC machine, 12 unit of #30TC machine, 8 unit of lathe, large size 110 tons compressor, 3-D measuring machine (total 6 unit after new addition), roundness/cylindricity measuring machine. Start ecological activity with Omron corp. environmental solutions business div.
2012 “Globalize with Cooperation and Competition” The 35th anniversary in business. China factory start mass-production from February and hold ceremony for completion at April 11.
2013 “Breakthrough with Innovative Thinking” Introduce new automatic line for EPS series.

Production Ratio

Production Ratio