UNION KIKOU china factory

manufacturer in China

We begin operation Chinese factory as first step for the global business,
and challenge to the Chinese market with our many years of experience, know-how, original creative automation, streamline system that contribute to “Quality”, “Price” and “Environment” .
Our manufacturing is same level as Japanese main factory, and we have confidence that our manufacturing is environmental conscious.

Management Principle

Pursuit the top position in Chinese market as
parts manufacturer.

Company should build a trusting relationship with the customer, contribute to society, improve skills, pioneer in view of global perspective.

Starting point for manufacturing is action of “3Go 3Soon”, So, our products should be manufactured by human with field oriented policy.


photo:Reception Desk Lobby
Reception Desk Lobby

photo:Conference Room

photo:Original System of Cooling Tower and Cooling Water Circulation Apparatus
Original System of Cooling Tower
and Cooling Water Circulation Apparatus

china factory map

Company Profile

Established May 10, 2011-
Capital 300,000,000 yen (JPY)
Mass-Production Start Feb. 2012
President Mugishima Masakazu
General Manager He Min


Completion Ceremony
Acquired ISO9001/2008
Acquired TS16949/2009

1. Development, Sales

Our sales globally cooperate with head office.
To meet customer needs extremely, we provide the idea and make it more accurately and speedy.


2. Die Casting


Full line up mass production with robot system for automatic die casting.
Furnace is environment friendly running with energy saving and strict water control.

photo:Automated Line
Automated Line

3. Machining Process

From machining to assembly, we support not only aluminum but also FC casting, SUS etc, non-ferrous metal machining and build automated system and rationalize to the extent possible.

LLT Line
LLT Line

M/C Line
M/C Line

T/C Line
T/C Line

4. Quality Control

We have high-accuracy measuring instrument for Three-Dimensional, Shape, Surface roughness, Roundness and able to provide stable top quality that managed by same quality control system as head factory.

  • ■Emission
  • Spectrophotometer
  • ■CNC 3-D Measuring
  • Machine
  • ■Surface Roughness
  • Measuring Instrument
  • ■Roundness Measuring
  • Instrument

Inspection Room
Inspection Room