Privacy Policy

Union Kikou Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Our company”) comply with the personal information protection law in Japan and considers handling the personal information we collect with minute attention is important social responsibility.

Based on our basic policy regarding the protection of personal information explained as follows, we strive to handle it properly.

  • 1. Purpose of Using Personal Information and Retained Personal Data.
    Our company may use collected personal information to the extent necessary for the purpose mentioned below.
    • (1) To respond to inquiries and request from customer.
    • (2) To receive the advice from customer for our products, improvement of service and development.
    • (3) In case of necessity to contact customer.
  • 2. Management of Personal Information of Our Customer
    Our company conducts appropriate management for safety personal information to prevent accident, loss, defamation, destruction, leak, etc. and we ensure employees carry out thorough personal information control.
    Our company especially pays the utmost attention to privacy protection. Our company will never sell or rent customers contact information to third parties.
  • 3. Disclosure of Personal Information, Correction, Addition, Suspension of Use, Deletion
    In case of request for disclosure of personal information, correction, addition, suspension of use, deletion, etc., of personal information which we retain, please contact us directly to the following contact address by yourself.
    Based on security management of personal information, except in cases in which special procedures are prescribed by any other laws and regulations, our company will make a necessary investigation and take actions immediately.

Contact Address:

  • Union Kikou Co., Lld.
  • 2147-4, Noi Misato-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu, 509-7123, Japan
  • TEL: +81-573-28-1711
  • FAX: +81-573-28-3399
  • 4. Changes to Our Privacy Policy and Notification
    Our company may make changes to this Privacy Policy when necessary.
    When you use, please refer updated information on this website.